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Referral-Based Recruitment and Networking App for Tech Professionals

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What's Jobs007?

The all-in-one app for your job search needs

  • Apply for Tech Jobs
  • Refer Friends
  • Join Tech Events
  • Earn Rewards
  • There‚Äôs something for everyone!

The most rewarding job search experience ever

With Jobs007, you can not only search and apply for jobs - refer them to others, participate in forum discussions and more. Earn points through in-app activities and pave your way to real-world rewards and prizes.

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Streamline Your Job Search Experience with Jobs007

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Get Your Dream Job with Jobs007

  • Automatic Matching Of Jobs

    Our proprietary algorithms assesses your profile to match you with suitable job roles automatically. Choose from the ones you want and get that dream job.

  • Job Search Made Easy

    Jobs007 makes it simple for tech professionals to search and shortlist their preferred jobs. Spot a great opportunity a friend could use? Refer him/her to Jobs007!

  • Leverage Your Network

    Recommend Jobs007 to your friends and family. Earn points when they sign up, which can be accumulated for attractive rewards.

  • Ever Increasing Bounty

    Instead of a fixed cash prize, an ever-increasing cash bounty will be up for grabs. The more referrals by everyone, the higher the bounty gets.

  • Be Notified About Our Events

    Be the first to know about an IoTalents event, be it a simple workshop or a full masterclass course. Deepen your knowledge and skillset with us.

  • Join The Discussion

    Boost Your Profile by asking and answering tech-related questions in our forum. The more knowledge you share, the better the chance we can match you with an appropriate job.

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